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Have you been wondering about the best way to clean teeth with braces? You can ensure perfect cleansing and constant mouth cleaning with an orthodontic toothbrush.


In the case of orthodontics with braces, you may find oral hygiene complicated at first. Patients with braces must brush after each meal. This is because food debris tends to accumulate in the teeth. This favors the accumulation of bacterial plaque. A Consequent appearance of tartar can occur if left untreated.

The orthodontic toothbrush is a type of toothbrush that, due to their characteristics, make it easier for people who wear orthodontics to achieve optimal oral hygiene. It is a recent introduction into the world of oral hygiene products. It is designed to improve oral cavity cleaning by those who wear orthodontic appliances in the mouth. It is essential both from the point of view of design and functionality. 

The toothbrush for orthodontic appliances is a tool that meets the specific needs of those who use braces for their teeth. Here you will find everything essential to know about snd why you should buy an orthodontic toothbrush. You will also learn about oral hygiene to keep in mind for those who wear braces.

Types of dental braces

There are different types of braces for the teeth. Therefore the orthodontic toothbrush is designed to meet the multiple needs of those who can wear these different braces. The mobile braces do not arouse particular concerns. This is because it follows the normal rules for correct oral cavity cleaning. To clean teeth, you can use the toothbrush comfortably by rinsing it with water. 

With the fixed braces for the teeth, all food residues inevitably come into contact. Therefore, using the orthodontic toothbrush is necessary to maintain correct oral hygiene. 

How to make use of orthodontic toothbrush for teeth with braces

Proper brushing will take a little more time and effort if you wear braces, especially at the beginning. Teeth with braces require a surplus of attention regarding cleaning and maintaining correct oral hygiene. You need to make use of an orthodontic electric toothbrush. The orthodontic toothbrush is a necessary tool to eliminate defects in our mouth and have perfect oral hygiene. 

Electric brushes can help you remove plaque more quickly, but if you don’t use them carefully, you can come to loosen some brackets. On the other hand, with the manual brush, you can achieve a brushing just as effective as with the electric one if you invest the necessary time. 

More than the body of the electric toothbrush, what makes the difference are the replacement heads. These heads are made to allow the right movements around the appliance. They also clean the gums by working in the action of removing plaque.

When brushing, make circular movements, especially around the gums, because plaque lurks there. You should start at the top from right to left, going through all the teeth. Then you go to the bottom from left to right. Go back to the top, and this time you will brush where we bite, then the inside of the teeth, and finally, you have to brush the tongue. Remember to do it slowly. Take your time. If you brush quickly, it won’t stay clean.

 After brushing your teeth, carefully check in the mirror if there are still food residues. If you find any, you need to add more effort to brushing or use dental floss, water jet, or wire fork.

If there is still some left, repeat the brushing and rinse again until there are no traces of plaque.

 If you eat out, always carry a toothbrush with you. And if you can’t brush, at least do a solid rinse to remove all traces of food. Remember, when you get home, you must brush.

You should not use products with whitening agents because you risk finding darker areas where the appliance used to be

Note that you need patience, especially those who wear fixed braces. In the beginning, it is necessary not to lose heart. You need to put a lot of goodwill to clean your mouth well without leaving food residues.

Features of Orthodontic toothbrush

The orthodontic toothbrush has been devised to meet the brace wearer’s needs. The orthodontic toothbrush is made up of unique V-shaped bristles. 

The bristle shape is designed to ensure proper cleaning of the oral cavity. It also cleans the metal brace supports present in the mouth. 

Dentists recommend it for good oral hygiene. This tool can clean dental appliances, metal wires, and orthodontic brackets present in a mustache or face masks. The V-shaped bristles guarantee Effective action around wires and metal beams. It also ensures the ability to reach even the teeth placed in the most challenging areas of the oral cavity. It also gives comfort and helpful practicality for all cleaning operations.

To clean the oral cavity, it is advisable to brush your teeth with a toothbrush for orthodontic appliances after each meal. Due to normal wear and tear, you also need to change the instrument every three months.

Cost of an orthodontic toothbrush

The specific cost of an orthodontic toothbrush varies according to the product and brand. But generally, there are models for every price range, from the cheapest to the most sophisticated ones with a specific higher price. 

Why buy an orthodontic toothbrush

The head compact and small size of the orthodontic toothbrush makes it perfect for people with braces. This, along with the soft bristles positioned in this particular shape, can reach all the most complicated points of the oral cavity and the braces. They do this without irritating the gum, giving a perfect cleaning of the mouth even with the appliance fixed. The accessories of the orthodontic toothbrush also further help to have a complete cleansing that allows you to remove any residual food that can be inserted in the interdental spaces and between the wires and the metal beams of the braces. 

In conclusion, an orthodontic toothbrush helps you remove plaque effectively and comfortably with the correct brushing technique. In addition, you can use complementary tools such as interdental brushes, the oral irrigator, and silk thread. So, it is worthwhile to buy these products always to have impeccable oral hygiene.