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Oral hygiene is an important aspect of our general health. For years, men have found ways to clean their teeth with a toothbrush. But what are the latest technologies and advancements?

Aims of toothbrush technologies and innovations

Toothbrushes have become an object of the latest technology. Gone is when we just buy one at the supermarket. Now, brushing and oral hygiene have become more complicated and interesting, especially for those who love the latest developments. Every technology or innovation introduced aims to achieve sustainability, efficiency, or connection. 

· Connection 

One aim of different innovations is to establish communication between the toothbrush and the computer. Connection with devices like the smartphone assists with improving oral hygiene.

· Sustainability

Different technologies are being introduced to achieve sustainability. We prefer toothbrushes that are more environmentally friendly. Therefore, toothbrush innovations are being made to have a recyclable brushes. Most of these products are made from biodegradable materials.

· Efficiency

Innovations are being made every day to achieve perfect teeth cleaning in a shorter time. The aim is also to accomplish this with little or no stress.

New toothbrush technologies and innovations

Technological innovation is unstoppable and affects all branches of medicine. Of course, toothbrush production also takes advantage of the new tools launched by researchers. Today, we can talk about new toothbrushes that can revolutionize all dental hygiene techniques. This article will tell you about the latest toothbrush technologies and advancements.

· Toothbrushes with sensors

One of the latest technology incorporated into the toothbrush is the use of a sensor. It is an electric toothbrush that provides accurate and real-time information. They are adapted to each user and their brushing technique. Users can identify which areas need to be brushed the longest. They can also notice when the biofilm has been removed. The brush identifies biofilm accumulation with a blue light. There will be a switch to white light when the area is clean.

The particularity of this brush is that it has a wireless connection sensor. It can be connected to an app installed on smartphones and tablets. In this way, the user can evaluate if the tooth brushing is effective or not.

The app will show you different percentages of your daily brushing. This helps you to try to improve it as much as possible. All data is stored in the device’s memory so that it can be consulted at any time. The objective is none other than to achieve a perfect brushing.

With this brush, you can easily discover which areas you do not brush correctly to improve your brushing methods. You can be surprised by all the places you think are covered with your dental hygiene, and then you find that this is not the case.

Sensors built into these electric toothbrush handles create a complete mouth map. So, with each tooth brushing, users can consult the app to know exactly where they brushed their teeth and if the area is clean.

The specific software of the brush can offer us all the brushing schedules. This includes the frequency, the brushing areas, etc. We can also share the results of our oral hygiene with our friends on social networks. It is very useful for parents to evaluate how their children brush their teeth and correct how they do it. The system can manage five different brushes. It can unify all brushing to improve and achieve increasingly perfect hygiene.

· Superfast toothbrushes

Another innovation in the use of a toothbrush is the production of a drip-like brush. They have super fast cleaning ability. They have about 96 sets of nylon bristles to clean teeth in depth. With these brushes, cleaning the teeth is possible within ten seconds. They are simple to use. All you have to do is to put the toothpaste on the brush and put the brush in your mouth. Turn it on, bite “the mold” for five seconds and turn around. Repeat the same procedure.

These toothbrushes make use of the sonic vibration feature. They have three levels of vibration, thus adapting to each user’s sensitivity. Despite the short cleaning time, they can remove more plaque when compared to a conventional brush.

· Toothbrushes with magnetic drive

Another development is the use of oscillations and rotary movements combined with a magnetic mechanism for tooth cleaning. The magnetic drive makes the toothbrush motor quieter.

This technology uses a state-of-the-art magnetic drive system to power the brush. All the power is directed into the bristles of the round brush head. The magnetic drive stimulates the bristles to operate in a unique micro-vibrating way. The design is made to remove large amounts of plaque and debris.

Along with a magnetic drive, they have a pressure sensor. The sensor prevents excess pressure on the gums and teeth. This prevents gum inflammation and tooth wear. The device also records brushing data which is later sent to a smartphone app. This enables further analysis of the performance achieved.

· Brushes with modified bristles

We now have toothbrush bristles that use two electrodes and a silicone band in the middle. This causes the electrical current generated between the electrodes to be used to clean the teeth more deeply. This technology aims to reduce the application of abrasive products on the teeth. 

Another toothbrush innovation is the introduction of a J-shaped toothbrush. These toothbrushes are designed to provide optimal pressure. With the J-angle to the teeth and gums, they can clean every tooth evenly in only 20 seconds. The J shape means you can clean half of the mouth simultaneously.

We also have toothbrushes with a double bristle structure. They can perform brushing and flossing at once. They are effective in removing plaque even between teeth and below the gum line. Toothbrushes designed with rounded bristle tips can protect the mouth’s soft tissue from scratches and cuts. 


Toothbrush innovation is about using technology to increase our motivation when brushing our teeth. If we discover how to improve our technique with this brush, we must do. This will help to reduce the areas where bacterial plaque can advance. With this, it is possible to avoid any condition caused by poor dental hygiene.