We at Crown are committed to delivering clean, powerful products straight to your door in a way that has a minimal environmental impact. We use sustainable packaging. Before we get started, let’s define a few terms so you know how we pursue this goal:


Plastic (including the environmentally harmful plastic we discussed in this article) is technically ‘degradable’ if it can be broken down into tiny pieces. As these plastic fragments break down, they will continue to fill landfills and pollute oceans, lakes, and rivers, even though they will not necessarily return to the earth.


In addition to breaking down into fragments, biodegradable materials can be dissolved in compost, carbon dioxide, or water under the right conditions. Moreover, biodegradable materials should decompose completely within weeks or months (under the right conditions).


When composted, compostable materials decompose into biomass, inorganic compounds, carbon dioxide, or water just as quickly as organic compostable materials.

Haircare and Toothpaste by Wellnesse

It’s clear that plastic is detrimental to our health and environment – the chemical compounds they contain are often too dangerous to risk. BPA and Phthalates can increase durability, but come with a range of health issues, including genital deformities, cancer, infertility, obesity and diabetes. We realised no one should compromise their wellness for convenience and so beg

Sugarcane Bioplastic is a fantastic alternative to traditional plastic packaging, not only for its reduction in carbon emissions during manufacturing, but also for its resilience. Our shampoo and toothpaste tubes made from this resin have a long shelf life, and won’t melt, break down or leak into any of your products. Furthermore, its renewable qualities make it far more sustainable and eco-friendly than plastic! All our tubes are 100% compostable; take the empty ones to a compost or recycling facility to get refilled, be reused or broken down with zero damage to the environment. As for the lids, they’re made from the cleanest-sourced recyclable plastic available – none of Wellnesse’s products needs to end up in the trash!

Toothbrushes with crowns

Our Crown toothbrush bristles are made of clean and recyclable nylon. Unlike other bristle materials such as boar’s hair, which break down quickly but are often touted as a sustainable alternative, our bristles do not irritate the gums while providing a thorough clean. Plus, you get to keep an environmentally friendly toothbrush for longer – because it’s made of bamboo and the bristles last long enough that you get your money’s worth. Remember to remove and recycle them afterwards!

Dry Shampoo and Deodorant Revitalizing

In addition to our Revitalizing Dry Shampoo, we also offer a deodorant that is packaged in recycled and recyclable cardboard. You can now say goodbye to plastic, aluminum-filled antiperspirants and aerosol dry shampoos (which are not only bad for your health, but also bad for the environment), and welcome clean, sustainable Wellness.

Hand sanitizer that moisturizes

Unlike hand sanitizers that come packaged in cheap plastic containers (that will hang around long after you and I are gone), our Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer comes packaged in sleek glass bottles that can be rinsed, repurposed, and reused! It is also possible to reuse and recycle the pump spray head, which is also 100% recyclable.

Despite the growing demand for clean products that tick all the boxes, so many companies focus on making products that harm the environment we cherish while being good for you. By providing clean, powerful products in (super cute) earth-friendly packaging, Wellnesse prioritizes both.

We are dedicated to sustainability at Crown and strive to reduce our packaging whenever possible. Our regular customers can take advantage of the subscription option: with discounts up to 10%, it is a great way to save money and order your favorites in bulk! You can schedule deliveries ahead of time and receive fewer packages overall. For those looking for variety, our bundle-pack option allows you to get all your family favorites in one shipment, without excess containers. Together, we can do our part to protect our planet and preserve our health right from the comfort of home!