Maintaining good oral hygiene is more important than you may realize. Maintaining good oral hygiene can save you thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime. Some things you should not do to to improve your dental health.

Brushing your teeth improperly

Brushing your teeth twice a day is one of the best ways to keep them healthy. However, many people fail to brush their teeth as frequently as they should. If you don’t brush, plaque can accumulate on your teeth and cause tooth decay.

Taking up smoking

In addition to damaging your teeth, smoking increases your risk of developing cancer and other serious illnesses. Quit smoking today if you want to keep your dental health in good shape.

Drinking more than the recommended amount of alcohol

Alcohol contains sugar, so it can severely damage your teeth and gums. Additionally, alcohol consumption can result in poor oral hygiene practices, which can lead to tooth decay. Start by avoiding sugary beverages and choosing hard liquor or beer that contains less sugar if you want to drink less alcohol.

Tough foods are overconsumed

It is common for people to chew on hard objects, such as ice or hard candy, which lead to tooth decay. This behavior also causes toothaches and sore gums.

Using floss infrequently

You can maintain healthy, clean teeth by flossing. In addition to removing plaque and food particles between your teeth, flossing also lowers your risk of gum disease and other dental problems. You may also want to floss to remove decayed food that has become lodged between your teeth if you have noticed a rise in bad breath.

Sugar overindulgence

As one of the main foods that bad bacteria enjoy eating in your mouth, sugar is a major cause of tooth decay and other dental problems. The more sugar you consume, the more likely bacteria are to grow. You are at higher risk for a number of medical conditions, including poor oral health, if you consume too much sugar.

Dental checkups are not enough

The sooner you receive comprehensive dental care, the better. If you do not visit the dentist often, your teeth will begin to deteriorate. Gum disease caused by this can lead to other problems like tooth loss. Dental professionals recommend routine cleanings every six months and yearly x-rays.


If you avoid some of the worst dental practices, you can improve your oral health and lower your risk of developing dental issues in the future.

Keep in mind the above things you should not to do to improve your dental health, you will love yourself again because of your smile.