One of the best accessories for a pet dog is its pet toothbrush. This is because feeding, cleaning and brushing their teeth are among their basic needs. If you own a dog then you know that your dog will surely lick your feet to show that it is happy. This is the same way dogs like you need to brush their teeth. For you to be able to maintain the healthiness of your pet teeth and gums you must continue to provide them with a proper and regular dental care.

As we all know that dogs have sharp teeth so it is important that you brush them regularly. The only way that will help you in doing this is to buy pet toothbrushes that will specifically be made for your dog’s teeth. This way you can be sure that your pet’s teeth will be safe and free from any tartar or plaque. Brushing your dog daily should start the day you bring it home. But before that you must prepare your dog by providing them a warm bath and putting some food in their bowl.

Once they are bathed then let them get some food and water. It is vital that they exercise daily as this will help stimulate their gums and teeth. When it comes to pet toothbrushes you must consider two basic types: straight and angled. For those who have doubts about which is better then you can opt for the angled one. This kind is more appropriate when it comes to cleaning deep inside the mouth. They are also known to clean more thoroughly than the straight type.

Straight canine teeth cleaning tools are designed for your dogs short teeth. They have a long handle but it is not long enough to reach the back of the mouth. This kind of brush is perfect for cleaning in between the teeth and gums. The reason why most people prefer straight dog toothbrushes over the angled variety is because they tend to do a better job at cleaning their dogs’ teeth. If you wish to give your dog a head start on maintaining healthy teeth, then you should purchase the angled type which is designed for long handles.

There are a couple of other factors you should consider when deciding which type of dog toothbrush you should purchase. One of these is price. You should always look out for quality products. But it would be even better if you purchase a toothbrush that costs less since then you can use it often and save up on buying new ones. But if you would like to purchase inexpensive toothbrushes then it would be advisable to purchase rechargeable ones as they can be used over again without the hassle of buying new ones.

Finally, you must consider whether you will be brushing your dogs’ teeth individually or in a group. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. In individual sessions, you are able to brush your dog’s teeth more often but this may take longer especially if your dog has deep-seated tartar. On the other hand, if you are going to use a group brush, it is best to use one toothbrush which has a wider toothbrush bristles and this would help prevent your dogs from slipping off the bristles and knocking them off balance thereby losing more teeth.