What are the things in life that we must use every day? Even twice. At this point, I think you will think of washing your face and teeth in the morning and washing your face and teeth in the evening! That’s right, today we’re talking about toothpaste! So do you know the role of toothbrushes? I think you must know one or two! The first is that a toothbrush can brush your teeth and a toothbrush can brush your shoes. This is common knowledge! Well, there are 16 uses for toothpaste, now let’s understand!

1. Remove the tea dirt and coffee stains left in the enamel teacup. You can apply toothpaste on the inner wall of the cup and scrub it repeatedly, and it will be as bright as ever after a while.

2. In life, we can see that the faucet is very difficult to handle. It is easy to leave rust and scale under the faucet. Apply toothpaste to scrub it, and it will be cleaned up quickly.

3. When writing with a pen, if you make a mistake, wipe a little toothpaste and wipe it off; if the iron is used for a long time, it will leave a layer of rust on the bottom. You can put a little toothpaste on the bottom of the iron and wipe it gently. Can be removed.

4. If silverware is left unused for a long time, a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. As long as you wipe it with toothpaste, it will become silvery white.

5. If the silverware is left unused for a long time, a black oxide layer will appear on the surface. As long as it is wiped with toothpaste, it will become silvery-white and bright.

6. Clothes are stained with animal and vegetable grease, squeeze some toothpaste on them, rub it a few times, and then wash with water to remove the grease.

7. When polishing leather shoes, wipe a little toothpaste in the shoe polish to make the shoes brighter.

8. After washing the fish, there will always be a fishy smell that is difficult to remove. First, wash your hands with soap, then apply toothpaste and rub repeatedly. After washing with water, the fishy smell will be easily removed.

9. The reflector of the flashlight becomes black for a long time, so lightly wipe it with a little toothpaste moistened with a fine gauze cloth to make it bright as new.

10. It can remove scratches on the surface of the watch. Apply a little toothpaste to the surface of the watch and wipe it repeatedly with a soft cloth to remove small scratches.

11. Go to the stain on the closet mirror. Wipe with a little toothpaste with a flannel cloth to remove the stains.

12. If the ink on the clothes is not large, you can rub it repeatedly with toothpaste and rinse with water to remove it.

13. Use toothpaste to paste the picture, which is reliable and does not damage the wall. If you want to remove it, just moisten the posted area with water and it can be easily removed.

14. Wipe the surface of stainless steel utensils with toothpaste to make it as bright as new. If there are naughty children in the home, they will graffiti on the carpet, wall, sofa, or door if they don’t pay attention. Since most children use crayons, most of these colors are wax or grease. Therefore, as long as you wipe with a damp cloth and some toothpaste, you can remove graffiti.

15. When stewing something, it will overflow the pot and soil the stove. At this time, you can soak a rag in hot water, wring it out and cover it on the scorch of the stove, let it be stuffy for a while, and soon the dirt will be removed. Soften and float. After that, just use a nylon dishcloth dipped in toothpaste to brush off the dirt, and then wipe it off with a rag.

16. When eating grapes, first cut to the root part with scissors to retain the intact particles, and soak the diluted salt water to achieve the effect of sterilization. There is still a layer of white film on the surface of the washed grapes. You can squeeze some toothpaste. , Put the grapes between your palms and rub them lightly. After the water is over, the grapes will be completely crystal clear and you will feel more at ease to eat!