A bad tooth can cause weight gain, even if you don’t know why you are gaining weight. It is hard to imagine that bad teeth can cause weight gain, but it is true.
Bad teeth and poor oral health can contribute to weight gain and inflammation in the body in several ways. We will discuss how bad teeth can contribute to weight gain in this article.

Choosing unhealthy foods

In the event of an unhealthy mouth, people often change their diet. Healthy foods, such as vegetables and fresh fruits, can be crunchy and hard, making them difficult to eat.
Additionally, meat fibers can stick between your teeth and irritate your gums and teeth, especially if you have sensitive gums and teeth.
So what do you do? You prefer processed foods instead of natural healthy food. Processed foods lack nutrition and contain excessive amounts of sugar, salt, and fat, which are harmful to your health. You can chew and eat these foods easily, but they can cause problems in the long run. We can say that bad teeth cause weight gain because excessive sugar causes tooth decay, and eating such food can cause weight gain as well.

Are You Finding It Hard To Exercise?

Exercise can be difficult if you have a poor mouth. Gum disease is a chronic infection, which requires lots of resources to treat. Just think about how much energy you lose when you get the stomach bug or flu. Even though an unhealthy mouth or gum infection only takes a fraction of that energy, it is still enough to make it hard for you to stick to your regular exercise routine.

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You may also lose energy due to diabetes, which results from weight gain and can worsen gum disease. Diabetes affects how your body absorbs and metabolizes energy, so working out can be difficult. The Mayo Clinic says diabetes lowers the body’s resistance to infection, putting your gums at risk. Diabetes appears to be associated with a higher incidence and severity of gum disease.

Weight gain is caused by inflammation

The relationship between inflammation, diabetes, oral health, and weight gain is multi-faceted. People with periodontal gum disease often suffer from chronic inflammation as their gums are infected. This leads to the release of inflammatory compounds that disrupt how fat is stored and energy is used. Additionally, these compounds disturb the proteins responsible for satiety, leading to fatigue and making it harder to exercise regularly. Ultimately, this means many people struggle with putting on extra weight.