Americans love their vacations– it’s the time of year when we can get away from it all and enjoy a little rest and relaxation. In any situation this year, you need to be prepared with the right dental tools, whether you’re on a beach island, in a new city, or on a European river. You wouldn’t leave home without your passport– and you shouldn’t leave home without the right items to take care of your teeth and gums while you’re away as well.

In preparation for summer vacations, we put together this list of dental items you should pack for your next trip. This will give you everything you need to ensure you can keep up with your mouth’s oral hygiene. If you’re away from home, pick up a Brushee to keep your mouth healthy. It’s easy to throw into your purse or bag and is your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and pick all in one.

Make sure everything is packed properly– and use the right bag

It’s exciting when you’re preparing to go on vacation– deciding what to pack and what to wear at your destination is always fun. However, there are some basic rules you should follow when packing your dental supplies for your trip. When packing up your oral supplies, you need to use a bag that fits comfortably– and that allows for ample air circulation. This is especially important for toothbrushes.

Clean your case well before packing it up, and do the same when you return. This will prevent the buildup of harmful or foreign bacteria on your dental tools.

Dry your brush after each use

Take your toothbrush out of its container once you get to your destination– even if it has holes. Place it upright in a cup or glass in the bathroom where it won’t be easily knocked over. When you store the bristles for a long period of time, they will fully dry out.

You’ll prevent bacteria from growing on the moist bristles by keeping it upright and out of a bag or container. If you have had an especially long trip by car, it might be a good idea to air out your brush while you’re en route– just to make sure there’s no excess water on it when you get there.

Items that are portable or travel-sized

When traveling, it is always a good idea to bring portable and travel-sized items– they can even be single use items. These items are usually smaller than their full size companions, and they contain less toothpaste and floss. They are easy to fit in a carry on or purse– and you always have access to clean your teeth.

Brushees are another easy way to take care of your teeth during your trip. They’re easily stowed in a bag and give you a brush, toothpaste, a pick, and floss. They’re easy to travel with and provide you with peace of mind that your teeth will be properly cared for.

A few extras

You should always have a backup plan when taking care of your teeth and gums on vacation. Don’t forget to pack extra toothbrushes and paste if you are prone to losing or forgetting them. Depending on the space you have available in your bag, these can be travel-sized or full-size options.

It’s best not to rely on extra dental supplies at hotels or cruise ships in an emergency. If you forget your toothpaste, brush with water as usual until you can find a replacement tube. Water will still remove plaque and food debris from your teeth– and it’s better than nothing at all. You won’t be upset if you lose toothpaste or floss if you have a couple of toothpastes or small containers with you!

Make sure you pack some oral treats

When you are traveling and want to freshen your breath and get rid of bacteria in your mouth after a meal, you should pack some sugarless gum as an after meal treat. Gum stimulates the flow of saliva and starts cleaning out the spaces between your teeth. After a long day of sightseeing, this is a great way to clean up your breath and remove bacteria from your mouth.

Bringing some sugarless candies with you after your meal will also do the same thing as gum and will start your mouth moving saliva, clearing out bacteria. If you can find candies flavored with green tea– even better– as this can help kill the bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay.

Bali’s Green Tea Latte Hard Candy is one of our favorites

Keep an eye on the water

When you travel to a place where the water is unsafe to drink, it is also dangerous to use in your oral routine. Whether you’re staying locally or in an Air B&B, make sure you always have bottled water to drink and brush your teeth with. If you’re unsure of the water, boil it just to be safe. No matter if you’re planning to drink the water or use it to hydrate your teeth and gums, it’s always a good idea to be safe.

If you’re experiencing a dry mouth due to a lack of water, you should pick up some bottled water or bring some along with you.

Reminders can be set

Set a reminder on your phone to brush and floss every day if you’re going to be out late or don’t anticipate remembering to brush. This might sound odd, but it’s a life saver if you’re going to be out late or don’t think you’ll remember to brush. Set your phone, or even the alarm in your hotel room, to go off when you expect to return.

In this way, you’ll have a backup plan if you have so much fun you forget to brush before bed. If you’re traveling with someone else, remind each other to brush!

Make wise food choices

Because you’ll be on vacation, you’ll enjoy sights, sounds, and food that you don’t normally experience because you’re off your routine. In addition, when we’re on vacation, we tend to eat more than usual — and that can affect our gums and teeth. It’s a good idea to keep a bottle of water handy just in case you need a quick break from your mouth. Too much sugar can dehydrate you and cause tooth decay.

During the day, snack on fiber-rich foods and fruits and vegetables – they stimulate saliva and are good for you! If you are concerned there won’t be many healthy options available, you can bring along your own snacks or get them at your local store. While you’re on vacation, try to limit your exposure to sugary foods and drinks– but don’t forget to indulge a little too!

If you’re going to the beach, a ski resort, or on a cruise, it’s not an excuse to break your dental hygiene rules. Take care of your teeth the next time you go on vacation by following these tips and picking up some of these items.